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Your career aspirations await you

Let us take the stress out of finding the right position for you. Here at Job Play we want to get to know you first and dive deep into where you get job satisfaction and what you’re looking for from your next career move. Once you’ve got clarity on this we can give you advice on where you sit in the market and what opportunities are out there that would suit your experience and desires. We can also help with resume formatting to help you stand out in a crowd and interview preparation and salary negotiation.

Hiring Process


Seeking skilled and reliable staff? Our efficient labour hire process caters precisely to your needs. Through detailed consultation, we determine the ideal staffing solutions—temporary, permanent, or contract. Our rigorous sourcing guarantees top talent, while seamless onboarding handles all admin tasks. From rostering to payroll, we manage every aspect, freeing you to focus on your business. Count on us for a tailored, hassle-free staffing solution.


From general labourers to operators, to skilled trades people with experience we can work with you to help you see your project through from start to finish or jump in and out at certain sections.


Whether you’re overseeing a large-scale production facility or managing a smaller operation, our labour hire services for the manufacturing sector ensure efficient staffing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Warehousing Transport & Logistics

Whether you’re handling inventory, managing distribution, or overseeing logistics operations, our services provide the skilled personnel you need.


Our comprehensive services in the healthcare sector encompass various placements, catering to various settings, including hospitals, aged care facilities, nursing homes, residential facilities, and private practice clinics.


From crop harvesting to livestock management, our labour hire services for the agriculture sector cater to the diverse staffing needs of farms and agricultural businesses. 

Hospitality & Events

From bustling bars and restaurants to high-energy festivals and elegant wineries, we provide flexible labour hire solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of the hospitality and events industry. 

Ready to empower your workforce?

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